Pedestrian & Bicycle Infrastructure Maintenance Request Form
City of Asheville
Note: This form is for maintenance requests only.
It is NOT to be used to request new facilities or infrastructure.

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Please check 2 boxes below; only one box in each column. Remember that this form is to be used for MAINTENANCE issues on EXISTING infrastructure NOT to request new facilities or infrastructure. Choose one box in the first column to indicate the Type of Infrastructure that needs maintenance and one box in the second column to indicate the type of Maintenance Needed.
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Note: Please be aware there are several city or state departments that may have responsibility for addressing your request. This form is submitted to Barb Mee at the City’s Transportation Department. We will make every effort to forward your request to the appropriate department or agency, where appropriate. Other responsible parties may include: the City or County Parks and Recreation Department, Buncombe County, a neighboring town or city, the North Carolina Department of Transportation, private street owners or homeowners associations.